Custom Software Development

SoftElegance has knowledge, experience, and tools to design and develop complex, technically challenging, and revolutionary software applications. Customized software development is available for companies that need to implement the applications from the ground up. New application development and design is based on customer's current or future business needs. SoftElegance works closely with the client to ensure that the software efficiently solves real business problems.

Digital Strategy, Web Design & Development

SoftElegance provides comprehensive combination of capabilities in web design & development, visual and information design, data visualization, mobile develpment, content management, and other digital experiences. Our experts will work with you to identify business goals and integrate them with design strategy to provide effective and elegant soluiton.

B2B & Enterprise Systems Integration

Systems Integration at enterprises enables connectivity between multiple vendor applications and orchestrates data exchange between them. SoftElegance has extensive experience in systems integration, using a variety of architectures (Enterprise Service Bus, batch processing, web service / API based implementations). With our unique expertise in integration domain, organizations can avoid costly and time-consuming implementations.

Dedicated Development Teams and R&D centers

Offshore Dedicated Team is a proven business model for outsourcing. It combines the advantages of highly skilled and affordable offshore resources with the client’s full control over project management and budget. With this model, companies can hire developers with flexible terms to work on Development, Maintenance, Quality Control, and Documentation. Dedicated Team is an excellent solution if you need complete control over human and technical resources involved in the development process. Besides augmenting a client's resources with skilled DDT developers, we can form high end R&D teams specific to certain domains and industries, helping companies innovate and transform their businesses.

Information Technology Consulting

Consulting services help improve, expand, and redesign current software architecture using cutting-edge technology and methodologies. SoftElegance’s software development consultants, architects, and designers can consult for updating current technologies, performance optimization tasks, load balancing, front-end redesign, or database refactoring.


Oil & Gas

SoftElegance has been providing software technology solutions for the Oil & Gas industry for almost two decades. We developed a range of software products and system integrations covering all industry domains (exploration, production, refinement, distribution) and for companies of all sizes (Fortune 500, medium size operators, and technology startups).


Manufacturing technology solutions involves tasks such as inventory management, enterprise workflow and tracking, resource planning, production and quality control, logistics, sales, distribution, and more. We have done sizable implementations of such systems, including integrations with ERP platforms. Please refer to one of our case studies.


SoftElegance has extensive knowledge in building integrations with EMR systems, Emergency Center management, technical support for R&D, and physician referrals systems. Located in Houston, home of the world’s largest medical center, SoftElegance is capable of providing on-site services for our clients when needed.


You cannot go anywhere in Texas without a car! SoftElegance implemented a cloud-based Dealership Management System that handles inventory, customers, sales, payments, taxes, digital marketing, and more. The system is based on cutting edge technology, hosted in Amazon cloud, and is available to dealerships by subscription nationwide.

Finance and Capital Markets

For capital markets, we are experts in building and integrating systems around trade flow: trading systems (equity, fixed income, derivative instruments), trade matching platforms, reconciliation, trade communication with custodians, fund accounting, and more. We are also involved in FinTech disruptive technologies such as block chain, building solutions based on Etherium and Hyperledger Fabric frameworks.

Human Resoures, Retail, and More

SoftElegance implemented industry's leading solutions for Retail and Human Resources domains. But regardless of industry vertical, we are here to understand the customer's needs, analyze their requirements, and implement innovative software solutions to provide a competitive advantage to organizations.


Software-as-a-Service / Cloud

We are experts in building SaaS / Cloud solutions for our clients, with hosting in Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, or on Virtual and Dedicated Servers.

Service-Oriented Architecture

Implementing Enterprise Service Bus, integrating systems throughout organization.

Data & Systems Integration

Building integration solutions, using BizTalk Server, IBM WebSphere MQ, Informatica, SSIS, and other integration tools.

Data Science

Our leading data science experts can provide you insights about your organization's or industry’s data.

IoT, Predictive Analytics & AI

We have built unique platforms and products to ingest big data and run machine learning algorithms to predict the outcomes.

SQL and no-SQL platforms

A database is behind any software solution. The architecture may encompass traditional database platforms (SQL Server, Oracle) or no-SQL platforms (CouchDB, MongoDB, and more).

Robotic Process Automation

Eliminate wasted time and money on routine, repetitive operations. SoftElegance can help you automate the processes you perform on a daily basis (running reports, calculations, submitting forms, data analysis, and more). We will work with your company's business groups, identify the processes to automate, and let the robot (well, the special software) do it for you!

Natural Language Processing

Tell the program what you would like to do, instead of clicking many screens and filling forms. SoftElegance specialists can improve your existing workflows and applications by implementing NLP components that understand and execute your commands. It does not matter what industry you belong to. Engineers, salesmen, managers, medical workers, financial analysts, and everyone who would like to improve their working experience and streamline the processes will benefit from this technology.

Quality Assurance

We maintain and incorporate quality standards throughout project execution lifecycle. Rigorous quality assurance procedures are in place from the very beginning of the project up until project implementation. SoftElegance is known for its quality first approach, delivering robust and reliable software solutions to our clients.

Project Management

Working over the past two decades, SoftElegance follows mature and efficient project management and execution methodologies, such as the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and a variety of Agile methodologies. This allows streamlining and standardizing the development process. Continuous managerial guidance facilitates all team members to have an active role in performing and supporting the overall software development plan. SoftElegance has developed an efficient project communication process that keeps all parties actively engaged throughout the project lifecycle. These project management instruments allow us to deliver effective solutions on time and within budget.

Case Studies:

Business Processes Automation Software Development.

Dedicated development teams and custom software development services with the focus on cost-efficient outsourcing model


SoftElegance USA is a Houston based company, specializing in development of business software, business processes automation, and SaaS solutions.

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